Summary of Social Value Management Certificate

Before Application !!!
Fast & Easy Social Value Self Assessment Tool
for Diagnosing Your Systems and Process

Social Value Representatives
All organizations MUST identify 2 organizational social value representatives:
1. Social Value Lead
Responsible for implementing the Social Value Certificate
2. Social Value Senior Leader
Providing oversight and ensure social value is part of an organisations' strategic priorities
(Ideally this person will be part of the governance of the organization)
* For small organisations where the organisational structure is not split into multiple levels of hierarchy the '2 organisational representatives' may be covered by 1 individual, or include a member of a board /trustee / volunteer group or committee.

Evaluation Criteria
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Application Fee

Organisation Size Level 1, 2, 3 Renewal
(of Level 3)
Small £500.00 + VAT £500.00 + VAT
Medium £750.00 + VAT £750.00 + VAT
Large £1000.00 + VAT £1000.00 + VAT
Very Large £1250.00 + VAT £1250.00 + VAT